Antifreeze concentrate SwdRheinol Antifreeze GW-12 (G12. G12 For free
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Antifreeze concentrate SwdRheinol Antifreeze GW-12 (G12. G12

Created: 28 December 2022
Antifreeze concentrate SwdRheinol Antifreeze GW-12 (G12. G12 Almaty - photo 1
Address: Almaty
SwdRheinol Antifreeze GW-12 (Konzentrat) is an antifreeze (concentrate) based on ethylene glycol. The product does not contain nitrites, phosphates and amines. Designed to protect the cooling system.
SwdRheinol Antifreeze GW-12 (Konzentrat) - can be used in engines made of cast iron, aluminum or a combination of both metals, as well as in cooling systems made of aluminum or copper alloys. Guarantees a long-lasting protective effect on all aluminum surfaces in modern engines. Can be mixed with all ethylene glycol based coolants. For optimal corrosion protection and to avoid sludge formation, it is recommended to use SwdRheinol Antifreeze GW-12 (Konzentrat) without mixing with other products.
SwdRheinol Antifreeze GW-12 (Konzentrat) - can be stored in a closed container for at least 8 years. At the same time, the quality of the product remains unchanged.
SwdRheinol Antifreeze GW-12 (Konzentrat) - meets the technical specifications of the following manufacturers:
VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda TL774-D (G12)
Leyland Trucks DW03245403
VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda TL774-F (G12+)
Land-Rover STJLR 651.5003
Renault Trucks/RNUR 41-01-001/S Type D
MTU MTL 5048
Volvo Penta/Trucks/Construction
Cummins IS series u N14
Bergen Engines 2.13.01
Jaguar CMR 8229
Cummins CES 14603/CES 14439
Jaguar STJLR 651.5003
MB 325.3
Mack 014 GS 17009
Deutz DQC CB-14
SACM Diesel DLP799861
Detroit DFS93K217
Wärtsilä 32-9011
MAN 324 Typ SNF
Opel GMW 3420
MAN B&W AG D36 5600
Saab B 040 1065
Foton Q-FPT 2313005-2013
Vauxhall GME L1301
MAK A4.05.09.01
Vauxhall GM 6277M (+B040 1065)
MWM 0199-99-2091/11
John Deere JDM H5
Case New Holland MAT3624
Komatsu 07.892 (2009)
Ford WSS-M97B44-D
Liebherr MD1-36-130
Jenbacher TA 1000-0201
Mazda MEZ MN 121 D
Skoda 61-0-0257
DAF 74002
Great Wall
Thermo King
Semt Pielstick
Aston Martin
Santana Motors
Mitsubishi MHI
Created: 28 December 2022
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Was online 28 december 2022 14:09
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