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SwdRheinol Primus VS 0W-40

Created: 28 December 2022
SwdRheinol Primus VS 0W-40 Almaty - photo 1
Address: Almaty
SwdRheinol Primus VS SAE 0W-40 is a fully synthetic, easy-flowing motor oil for modern gasoline and diesel engines. Meets all requirements of leading car manufacturers. Particularly recommended for engines with direct fuel injection (GDI), as well as for multi-valve and high-speed turbocharged engines.
SwdRheinol Primus VS SAE 0W-40 - due to a wide range of operating temperatures, ensures rapid delivery of oil to all points of the engine during cold starts, and also maintains a stable oil film due to its viscosity. Provides optimal wear protection through the use of high-quality additives. Highly effective dispersant additives prevent and eliminate the formation of sludge in the crankcase.
SwdRheinol Primus VS SAE 0W-40 is a high-quality and highly economical product that reduces oil consumption, increases engine life, thereby saving costs on repairs and additional maintenance.
ACEA A3-/B4-10
VW 502 00 / 505 00
Renault RN 0700 / RN 0710
Porsche A40
MB-Freigabe 229.5
BMW Longlife 01
Created: 28 December 2022
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Was online 28 december 2022 14:09
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