Kia Rio (Pride) of the year in Astana 5 100 000
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Kia Rio (Pride) of the year in Astana

Created: 5 December 2022
I am selling a Kia Rio car, in good condition, original mileage, one owner, purchased at a car dealership in 2014. All consumables have been replaced. No investment is required, the car is clean, well-maintained, fast and economical, consumption in the city is 8-9 liters, on the highway 7-8 liters. Reliable and easy to maintain. In winter the oven heats in the summer and the air conditioner freezes. The bargain is reasonable. I'm not getting rid of the car, I'm giving it to good hands. Any checks. I am 100% confident in the car.
Created: 5 December 2022
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