Tesla Model Y, 2022 in Astana 25 500 000
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Tesla Model Y, 2022 in Astana

Created: 25 May
: 2022 
: yes 
Tesla Model Y Performance, the very top.
New car condition.
Without a single scratch. Completely in original paint.
Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg.
End of 2022, delivery in 2023.
There are all supporting documents.
Not to be confused with the Chinese (where half the possibilities are simply not there, even alterations will not help, as it was Chinese it will remain so).
Free charging on Tesla Supercharger, All functions work, Youtube, Boombox, Maps, Communication, Phone application, etc.
The kit includes two types of charging, adapters and a towbar.
Mileage 14,000.
Created: 25 May
Was online 25 may 22:47
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25 500 000
Was online 25 may 22:47
No Reviews

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